AFO Phase II Announcement

Hello AFO Team,

We hope this email finds you well and are re-adjusting to our facility just fine. We want to first start off with a special thank you from the bottom of our hearts. These past few weeks have been great having you back. You all have done your part in keeping the gym clean and tidy. We have managed to keep our classes capped and everyone has done a good job at following house rules. We have a few updates coming up for the month of June and wanted to keep you in the loop.

Memberships & Pricing

The transition process to Push Press from Wodify has been running smoothly and you all seem to be doing a great job with reserving your spots for class and checking in when you arrive. At the moment, for all coming members our rates are as follows:

3 Month Commitment Plan

$139.99 for 12x’s a month

$169.99 for Unlimited x’s a month.

This of course does not change for our current members and memberships that are on hold. However, keep in mind that we have a hold limit policy of 3 months out of the year from the date the hold is placed.

Due to COVID-19, we have extended our OG pricing for those that cancelled until June 20th (NO EXCEPTIONS). We hope that this will help those members that can’t wait to come back!

Savings Opportunity: For those of you who want to save some money on their memberships we have a pay in full for 6 months option available to those who qualify. The rates are as follows:

Pay in Full Plan

$779 – 12 x’s for 6 month (Regular 6 month rate: $954)

$899 – Unlimited for 6 month (Regular 6 month rate: $1039)


If this is something that interests you please send an email to or get with one of our staff.

Phase II

Class Capacity: As many of you know Phase II has commenced as of June 6th and gyms are now able to be at full capacity. However at AFO CrossFit we have always had a cap on our classes even before COVID-19. With that being said we will up the cap to 12 instead of 10 starting Monday June 8th.

Seating Area: We will also be opening our seating area as of  Monday June 8th to our members who are waiting for the next class or socializing after class. Please remember that this is also where you will be putting your personal items. Remember that we have a limited space in the waiting area, keep in mind that we are all sharing this space. Keep your personal belongings to necessary items that you need for CrossFit ONLY.

Children: We will be allowing children in the waiting area ONLY. Parents keep in mind that NO child should be on the workout floor at ANY time. Remember, you as a parent are taking full responsibility for your kids and must be the ones attending them. NO FOOD or DRINK (water only) are allowed in the waiting area, this will limit the mess and crumbs that attract bugs to the waiting area. We WILL NOT tolerate uncontrollable kids. Please respect that for your kids safety and the safety of others.

Shower: We will have our shower available for use starting Monday June 8th, please keep in mind that this is a public shower and not your shower at home so make sure you clean up after yourselves. DO NOT leave shampoo bottles, soap, razors or any bottles behind. Come in with what you use and leave with what you use. Any items left in the restroom will be thrown away that same night.


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