At AFO CrossFit, our CrossFit training philosophy is firmly rooted in scientific principles of strength and conditioning. In addition to the science behind our method, our classes aim to make group training fun, interactive and rich in culture. After all, it is our culture that defines who we are! 

Apex Method; our method is simple and highly effective. You simply choose the path that is right for you and allow us to do the rest. Our Three paths consist of the following


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No matter which path you choose, at AFO we are here to offer the highest quality coaching and support. All of our group classes are one hour and include warm up / strength or skill / workout of the day (WOD). Although they will not always be in that order, all of these elements will be present in our daily programming. Custom program options are available for any athlete, although you will be limited to our open gym hours to carry out custom programs.

Do you have to be 'Fit'' To start CrossFit?. the answer is NO - only takes you to try it once, and you will know..... TRY IT NOW!