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Lake Nona's Premier CrossFit Facility.

AFO is facility equipped with GPP Training equipment, It has Concept 2 rowers, Assault bikes, barbells & bumper plates, medicine balls, kettle bells, jump ropes, pull up rigs, gymnastic rings, and a variety of mobility tools. Our facility has one of the best Programs for members to obtain their desired results. Youth Athletic Classes for kids to maintain an athletic life style. Sign up now


feature a variety of moderate to intense exercise. This is a carefully programmed section of our gym, and is our master key program for our entire facility. Learn More


These 45 minute classes will feature varied movements and intense exercise. Quick and dirty workouts with dumbbells, boxes, plyometrics, sprints and bodyweight movements! Learn More


These 60 minute classes are designed for athletes looking to tighten up their Olympic style weightlifting movements and reinforce the two major lift used which is Snatch & Clean and jerk. Learn More

CrossFit Kids.

The idea behind Youth Athletics is pairing fitness and fun, doing things they like to do, getting them into playing relatively low-impact sports and doing that throughout their childhood and hopefully throughout their lifetime. Learn More

See what our members have to say... 

  • Very clean facility. Great equipment. Also a great group of people with all kinds of positive energy.
    — Jeffry Perez
  • The programming at AFO is beyond comparison to any of the other Crossfit gyms I have been to in the past 3 years
    — Mike Oslund
  • It's a Family and Friends feeling box where the Coaches take time to know you (and your injuries).
    — Shirley Rendon
  • One of the best CrossFit i have ever been too
    — Jhon M
  • Very nice staff and members! Loved that they were going around correcting improper form, so many places don't.
    — Lisa Beckett
  • Great place to work out friendly and knowledgeable staff
    — Kris N Mari
  • They provide three-tier structural program for fitness, designed for just about everybody.
    — Juan Valentin


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STE 112 -118
ORLANDO FL 32822-5510


M-F 6a–8p
Sa 8a–12p
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 At AFO CrossFit, our CrossFit training philosophy is firmly rooted in scientific principles of strength and conditioning. In addition to the science behind our method, our classes aim to make group training fun, interactive and rich in culture. After all, it is our culture that defines who we are! 

Apex Method; our method is simple and highly effective. You simply choose the path that is right for you and allow us to do the rest. Our Three paths consist of the following


                                                                       Click Below to learn more ( Important to read )


No matter which path you choose, at AFO we are here to offer the highest quality coaching and support. All of our group classes are one hour and include warm up / strength or skill / workout of the day (WOD). Although they will not always be in that order, all of these elements will be present in our daily programming. Custom program options are available for any athlete, although you will be limited to our open gym hours to carry out custom programs.

Do you have to be 'Fit'' To start CrossFit?. the answer is NO - only takes you to try it once, and you will know..... TRY IT NOW!



“Your body can stand up to almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.”- Anonymous

Renaissance Periodization

When it comes to your goals and aspirations in the areas of physique alteration, sports performance, and health, it is very important to target your time and efforts doing what works, and avoid doing what doesn’t. You care too much about your appearance, health, and performance to settle for a suboptimal product. - About page information from RP. 

We are currently sponsored by the dieting from RP. If you join us we will guide you through the process to keep a healthy lifestyle and one more important thing, learning to eat the right way to achieve results faster and efficient. 

A lot of people find the part of eating healthy very overwhelming, let me tell you, once you start you will be shocked of how easy this journey can be. Fitness and Healthy life style starts with you putting the effort. 

Once you are a member here in AFO, you will obtain a code for a discount price on your personalized template, and also will be added to the personal Facebook AFO RP Group. 1 time payment, and you will be ready for the rest of your journey. 


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We at AFO welcome everyone, regardless of what level they’re starting at. Here, it’s all about the individual’s journey, so you only have to live up to your own standards. Get ready to have fun and get fit on your own terms. Join us today.

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Free Class every Saturday at 12:00 Noon.

6765 Narcoossee Road
Orlando, FL, 32822
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